History and General Information



Little Leaders  was founded in August 2002. The school has since transformed and transgressed into a fully fledged Private Nursery School and is run by Elaine Tomas 


We are very proud of our Nursery School which now includes 6 classrooms in our 4 child friendly and stimulating departments. 

  • BABY DEPARTMENT                "Teeny Weenies"           (1 classroom - Babies from 3 months)
  • TODDLER DEPARTMENT         "Twinkle Tots"               (1 classroom - Potty training tots)

                                                        "Little Rascals"               (1 classroom - Potty trained tots)

  • PRE-SCHOOL DEPARTMENT   "Fantastic Fours"            (1 classroom - Grade 000)

                                                        "Super Stars"                 (1 classroom - Grade 00 and Grade R combined)

  • AFTER CARE DEPARTMENT                                              (1 classroom - with homework supervision ages 6 - 9 years)



Little Leaders Private Nursery School  is registered with: 

  • The Ekhuruleni Environmental Health Department;
  • The Gauteng Social Development Department.
  • The Department of Education. 
  • SA Childcare
  • Edux SA


  • 6 separate class rooms within the school
  • 2 staff members per class in the Baby and Toddler departments
  • 7 staff members in total
  • All teachers are trained in basic infant and child CPR
  • All teachers are qualified 
  • 1 Chef
  • All staff is permitted 1 full day off per term.
  • Staff is not responsible for the loss of toys, jewelery, hair accessories etc


Children sometimes have disagreements with each other. In this situation, the teacher encourages the child to communicate by using words and solving their own disagreements. Hitting and pushing are not acceptable in our school, but will be dealt with as seen fit, as each child and situation is unique. 

When a child disrupts the daily class routine, the teacher will approach the child and remind her of the classroom rules. If this behavior does continue the child will be taken aside to see if the child understands the situation. 

If the child intentionally hurts another child or continues with disruptive behavior, redirection/distraction will be used to help him cool down.  “Time Out” will be used, and will be one minute per age of the child, followed by a discussion. Children need to feel that they are being listened to and that their feelings are also considered and validated. 


Biting and swearing are dealt with in a strict manor. The child will be taken out of the situation and spoken to about the offence. If the swearing or biting persists a dollop of chilly will be given to the child as to leave a bad taste in his/her mouth. Parents will be notified. 


Children who have fevers, diarrhea, vomiting, colds and coughs, persistent nasal discharge, or any contagious condition are considered too ill to attend the school. If your child contracts a communicable disease or head lice, please notify the staff. This will help keep everyone more healthy and informed. 


No medication will be administered without the pre-consent of the parent/guardian. If a child is unwell or running a fever the parents concerned will immediately be contacted and further steps will be taken from there. No medication is allowed to be left in bags. All medication is to be handed in to the class teacher or teachers assistant, with clear instructions. 


We are very proud of our school and invite you to tour the school and ask any questions. We welcome suggestions, ideas and constructive criticism. Please feel free to talk to the staff before or after school. If necessary, call to make arrangements for a separate meeting to voice your concerns. 


Please park your car in our enclosed parking area. At times our parking area is full, to reduce congestion and stress levels please park your car across the road or in the yellow line allocated for stopping on the outside of the school premises. 


At Little Leaders Private Nursery School  we strive to give your little ones the best possible stimulation and education in a warm and loving environment. Unfortunately we live in a time where sometimes this is not enough, and the safety and security of our children has to be our first concern. 

Our nursery school is surrounded by high walling and electric fence. Our two main entrance gates are electrical and are monitored by the office. 

Each classroom in the school has a panic button and the premises are linked to a security company with armed response.  

All vehicles are parked in our enclosed parking area, and there is a magnetic gate, which is monitored by the office, to pass through before entering the main school building.

We have CCTV cameras in all our classes, playground and parking lot. 


To ensure the safety of all our Little Leaders  children, please make sure the magnetic entrance gate always closes properly on entering and exiting our school. (Gate between car park and main building) 


Smoking of cigarettes is strictly prohibited around the nursery school children. Please be so kind as to extinguish your cigarettes before entering our school building. 


Little Leaders Private Nursery School  has incorporated the Practica program into all our classes. Each class incorporated one Practica exercise into their weekly class routine, which is repeated at least 3 times a week. Remember children thrive on routine and learn through play and repetition. 


The Practica Program is a comprehensive stimulation program designed for the formative years. A human being develops 50 basic skills from birth to 7 years of age. Practica develops these skills simultaneously at eight different levels:

·         Motor development

·         Perceptual development

·         Language development

·         Intellectual development

·         Artistic development

·         Social development

·         Normative development 

Practica achieves these goals through thousands of age appropriate games. The games are based on one-on-one activities used by therapists. 

GRADE “R” (Reception Year):

Grade R is the year before formal schooling. The year in which your child turns 6 (six). The Reception year is part of the foundation phase in the general education and training band on the national qualifications framework (NQF). Little Leaders Private Nursery School  follows the department of Education framework, curriculum 2005. Our Grade 00 and R is a combined class of children turning both five and six within that year. This has proven to be very beneficial, as it has been proven that children learn through repetition. 


We have a number of fun and stimulating activities for you to choose from should you wish for your little one/s to participate in extra activities. Please note that this is optional and does not form part of the Little Leaders daily school schedule or fees.