Little Leaders Private Nursery School  is run according to a set daily work program. The school work is based on themes, and runs according to a new theme every 1-2 weeks. 




At Little Leaders, we try and provide your little one with a homely environment away from “home” and pride ourselves in giving you the parent a full report on their daily schedule.


  • Each Little Leader is asked to supply a file or book, in which a weekly report is written on the child’s progress.


An EXAMPLE of what to expect in your little ones file:



Date: 01 Jan-06 Jan 2015

Activity: Fine Motor Activity

Week: One


Age & Stage: A child of up to 2 years will only make insignificant marks with a pen on paper. At 2 ½ years, he starts realizing that the marks made by the pen are related to the movements of his hand. He starts to make controlled scribbles. He should start experimenting with lines, dots and circles.


Reason for activitiy: Manual Dexterity/hand-eye co-ordination/creativity


Activity: Finger painting! Using empty boxes, newspaper, brown paper and large pieces of paper. Using bright colours, red, orange and green.


Important tip: Do not interfere with your child’s art. Criticism or too much anticipation or assistance will inhibit him, with the result that he will try to please you instead of expressing his own idea. Exhibiting her art in your home will inspire her that you are proud of what she can do.


Finger painting recipe:

1 cup sugar

1 cup cake flour

3 cups boiling water

powder paint

food colouring


Mix the sugar, flour and cold water. Add boiling water and cook two to three minutes until thick. Colour with paint or colouring.



Theme: The Circus


Monday: Clown Face Mask- (painting with colours red, green, yellow/pasting on wool with paint glue, glitter and crayons) Developing hand eye co-ordination, colour recognition and crayon grip.

Tuesday: Handprint Lion Face-(painting palm of hand yellow and fingertips brown, stamping handprint to form lions head.) Developing creativity/tactile awareness/colour rec. and learning about lions.

Wednesday: The Bear- (colouring in picture of bear/pasting on cotton wool onto his tummy/teacher cutting out bear onto a toilet roll inner in order to stand) Developing crayon grip/colour recognition/following instructions.

Thursday: Face Painting- (Fun! Fun! Fun!) turning the children into little clowns, developing imaginative play.

Friday: (life skills) Baking- (ice-cream cones/marshmallows/smarties/jelly tots/icing sugar/marie biscuits) creating clown hats – YUM! YUM!




Teachers comment: