Little Leaders Of Tomorrow Anthem   



Each and every day in Nursery School land

of magic and wonder and play pen sand

Where laughter and giggles are the order of the day

Where children swing, climb, slide and play


There you'll find a group of friendly folk

Who love to sing and dance and joke

Learning and playing new games every day

With numbers and letters and new rhymes to say


From precious Teeny Weenies, to Super Stars on the throne

The Twinkle Tots and Little Rascals are in a class of their own

The Fantastic Fours bounce around with new knowledge learned

Heads held high, and very proud of stars and rewards earned


Where sharing is caring and little ones learn and grow

With a river of knowledge where dreams start to flow

With the start to a puzzle still incomplete

Still learning the way, still finding their feet 


Futures are built, one block at a time

For these Little Leaders, the future looks fine!





















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